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This website is strictly for purchasing my books, group dog training classes, online workshops and in-person workshops.  To contact me and learn more, please visit my new website- Raising Your Pets Naturally with Tonya Wilhelm
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 "We have attended numerous classes, fun and games night and seminars. We always learn something new and the dogs  have fun. Tonya has also helped with a number of foster dogs with varying issues from severe guarding, housebreaking challenges, loose leash walking, to a poor soul from a puppy mill who had never been outside and was afraid to leave his kennel. Tonya has provided kind, patient guidance to help these dogs become happy family members.  Our dogs enjoy the activities Tonya  has suggested and we like the fact that our dogs are happily busy when we are working on a project. We are so glad we found Toledo Dog Training!"  Paula H.-Norwood, Ohio