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Loose Leash Walking Workshop FULL, TY
How to Teach a Dog to Politely Walk on a Leash Workshop

Do you struggle walking your dog on a leash? Does your dog pull on his leash, and you feel like your arm and hands are on fire? Or maybe your dog walks pretty well on a leash unless he sees another dog, squirrel, or person. Not sure where to start? Then, this dog-training workshop is for you! Bonus breakout Q & A session topic to be announced!

Loose Leash Walking Topics-60 minutes
The Right Dog-Walking Equipment for a Positive Experience for You and Your Dog
Ooops Moments
Positive Dog-Training Concepts and Why They Work
Dealing with Distractions
Demos with Dexter
Lots of Practice and Effective Training Tips

Bonus Q & A Session-60 minutes

Prior to the loose-leash walking workshop, I will poll registries on other topics that interest you for a lively discussion! Positive dog training, behavior, tricks, natural dog care, grooming, the sky is the limit!

This dog training and dog care workshop is limited to 15 human participants. So, don't delay, register today.


Stay Tuned!


 "We have attended numerous classes, fun and games night and seminars. We always learn something new and the dogs  have fun. Tonya has also helped with a number of foster dogs with varying issues from severe guarding, housebreaking challenges, loose leash walking, to a poor soul from a puppy mill who had never been outside and was afraid to leave his kennel. Tonya has provided kind, patient guidance to help these dogs become happy family members.  Our dogs enjoy the activities Tonya  has suggested and we like the fact that our dogs are happily busy when we are working on a project. We are so glad we found Toledo Dog Training!"  Paula H.-Norwood, Ohio